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  April 28, 2015  

Values and Benefits


The benefits of state parks continue to increase and have been recently reflected through the growing interest in EcoTourism or Heritage Tourism across this nation. This area has become the fastest growing sector of tourism in the country. This growth emphasizes some of the benefits state parks provide in the United States. The National Association of State Park Directors has worked to show in greater detail some of the benefits and personal values of state parks.

Our state parks benefit individuals by making them feel better about themselves, through relieving stress, enhancing family opportunities reducing crime and providing opportunities to better enjoy community-wide events. State parks, also are an important economic value to the state end the nation. Across the United States 54,417 full-time and seasonal employees working in 5,382 state park administered areas provide value and benefits for 786 million visitors annually. State parks remain a close to home outdoor recreation opportunity for all Americans.

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