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  April 21, 2015   History   

The Need for State Parks

It is becoming increasingly difficult for men and women in great cities to go back to the great outdoors and there renew the springs which nourish and sweeten their lives. The real wilderness lies too distant from them. The only countryside they know is hedged in and fenced and offers no opportunity for a real taste of that hardship or at least that absence of the more softening influences of city life which their inner being craves. City parks do not fill the gap. They are necessary and useful in their place, but they are often all art, not nature, and it is nature which man wants. He must have somewhere to go outdoors, not too far away where he can entirely forget the city and all its ways. 

National Parks partly fill this need but they are remote from the great masses of population; consequently the great movement for State Parks in recent years has come from a realization of the need and of the remedy. The State park has come to stay. It is a growing factor in modern American life, and it is one of the most hopeful, for it is a reaction of the inner instincts of humanity against a wholly new and artificial environment which threatens not only the impairment of its life but the mutilation of its soul. Modern man was building himself a prison. The State Park is one way out and the way which leads to those open fields not only of life but of thought where high, clean air may some day reinspire mankind to a truer vision of what this world might become. 

Adapted from the Introduction of the Proceedings from the Second National Conference on State Parks



A Historical Perspective of the National Association of State Park Directors

The National Association of State Park Directors (NASPD) officially;met for the first time;at Illinois Beach State Park, Illinois in 1962.;;In;subsequent years the;NASPD met in the following locations across America:

1962 Illinois Beach State Park, IL
1963 Washington, DC;
1964 Morristown, NJ
1965 Muskoka, Ontario, CA;
1966 Kentucky Dam State Park, KY
1967 Aspen Institute, CO;
1968 Hot Springs, AR
1969 Crawford, NH
1970 Myrtle Beach, SC
1971 Des Moines, IA;
1972 Honolulu, HI
1973 Cacapon State Park, WV
1974 Lake of the Ozarks, MO
1975 Lake Texoma State Park, TX
1976 Newport, RI
1977 Grand Canyon National Park, AZ
1978 Duck Key, FL
1979 Lafayette, LA
1980 Salt Lake City, UT
1981 Annapolis, MD
1982 Gulf Shores State Park, AL
1983 Coeur d’Alene, ID
1984 Biloxi, MS
1985 Kalispell, MT / Banff, Alberta, CA
1986 Hershey, PA
1987 Sacramento, CA

1988 Lake Barkley State Park, KY
1989 Anchorage, AK
1990 Burlington, VT
1991 Portland, OR
1992 Bismarck, ND
1993 Niagara Falls, NY & CA
1994 Austin, TX
1995 Milwaukee, WI
1996 Asheville, NC
1997 Maumee Bay State Park, OH
1998 Boston, MA
1999 Grand Teton National Park, WY
2000 Oklahoma City, OK
2001 Montgomery Bell State Park, TN;
2002 Asilomar State Park, CA
2003 Boyne Highlands. MI
2004 St, Louis, MO
2005 Blaine, WA
2006 Wichita, KS
2007 Williamsburg, VA
2008 Boise, ID
2009 Stone Mountain, GA
2010 Santa Fe, NM
2011 Custer, SD

History of NASPD Officers and Board of Directors



























President: Joseph Kaylor (MD)

President: Perry H. Merrill VT)

President: Ben Bolen (VA)

President: Tye Bledsoe (OK)

President: Jack Strain (NE)
Vice Pres.: Joseph Truncer (NJ)

President: Joseph Truncer (NJ)
Vice Pres.: Chas. Odegaard (WA)

President: Charles Odegaard (WA)
Vice Pres.: Kermit McKeever (WV)
Sec.-Treas.: George Hamilton (NH)

President: David Talbot (OR
Vice Pres.: Ney Landrum (FL)
Sec.-Treas.: George Hamilton (NH)

President: Ney C. Landrum (FL)
Vice Pres.: George Hamilton (NH)
Sec.-Treas.: Sam Graft (NM)

President: William F. Ryan (RI)
Vice Pres.: Don Davison (MN)
Sec.-Treas.: Michael Ramnes (AZ)

President: Don Davison (MN)
Vice Pres.: Ray Sisk (SC)
Sec.-Treas.: Richard Davies (AR)

President: Ray Sisk (SC)
Vice Pres.: Richard Davies (AR)
Sec.-Treas.: Bill Walters (IN)

President: Richard Davies (AR)
Vice Pres.: Bill Walters (IN)
Sec.-Treas.: Doug Eiken (ND)

President: Bill Walters (IN)
Vice Pres.: Doug Eiken (ND)
Sec.-Treas.: Dale Bree (NE)

President: Doug Eiken (SD)
Vice Pres.: Dale Bree (NE)
Sec.-Treas.: Ed Koenneman (VT)

President: Dale Bree (NE)
Vice Pres.: Ed Koenneman(VT)
Sec.-Treas.: Dave Weizenicker (WI)

President: Ed Koenneman (VT)
Vice Pres.: Dave Weizenicker(WI)
Sec.-Treas.: Fran Mainella (FL)

President: Dave Weizenicker (WI)
Vice Pres.: Fran Mainella (FL)
Sec.-Treas.: Ken Travous (AZ)

President: Fran Mainella (FL)
Vice Pres.: Ken Travous (AZ)
Sec.-Treas.: Yvonne Farrell (ID)

President: Ken Travous (AZ)
Vice Pres.: Phi McKnelly (NC)
Sec.-Treas.: Yvonne Farrell (ID)
Past Pres.: Fran Mainella (FL)

President: Phil McKnelly (NC)
Vice Pres.: Jerry Hover (KS)
Sec.-Treas.: Sue Black (WI)
Past Pres.: Ken Travous (AZ)

President: Jerry Hover (KS)
Vice Pres.: Jerry Pagac (IN)
Sec.-Treas.: Todd Frederick (MA)
Past Pres.: Phil McKnelly (NC)

Sec.-Treas.: Chazz Salkin (DE)

President: Chazz Salkin (DE)
Vice Pres.: Greg Butts (AR)
Sec.-Treas.: Ruth Coleman (CA)
Past Pres: Jerry Hover (KS)

President: Greg Butts (AR)
Vice Pres.: Joe Elton (VA)
Sec.-Treas.: Ruth Coleman (CA)

President: Joe Elton (VA)
Vice President: Ruth Coleman (CA)
Sec.-Treas.: Priscilla Geigis (MA)
Past President: Greg Butts (AR)

At-Large Member

NE: Conrad Lickel (PA)

C: William Gosdin (TX)

SE: Tom Ellis (NC)
C: Lynn Burris (KS)

NE: Jim Truncer (NJ
SE: Tom Ellis (NC)
C: Lynn Burris (KS)
NE: William Ryan (RI)
NW: David Talbot (OR)

C: Bill Wright (MO)
NC: O.J. Scherschligt (MI)
SE: George O’malley (CO)

NE: Bill Forrey (PA)
C: Lynn Burris (KS)
NC: Don Davison (MN)
SW: Joe Sousa (HI)

C: Richard Davies (AR)
NC: Bill Walters (IN)
SE: Ray Sisk (SC)

NE: Paul Doherty (NH)
NW: Chip Dennerlein
SW: Ross Elliott (UT)

SE: Jim Mallow (MD)
C: Dale Bree (NE)
NC: Jack Butterfield (MI)

NE: Ed Koenneman (VT)
NE: Jan Tveten (WA)
SW: Ross Elliott (UT)

C: Wayne Gross (MO
NC: Dave Weizenicker (WI)
SE: Ron Sutton (VA)

NE: Greg Marshall (NJ)
NW: Neil Johannsen (AK)
SW: Ron Holiday (CO)

C: Doyle Adams (IA)
NC: Jerry Pagac (IN)
SE: Fran Mainella (FL)
SW: John Richardson (NV)

NE: Greg Marshall (NJ)
NW: Yvonne Farrell (ID)
SW: Laurie Matthews (CO)
SE: Gerald McKinney (TN)
C: Ron Holiday (TX)

C: Ron Holiday (TX)
NC: Jerry Pagac (IN)
SE: Phil McKnelly (NC)
NE: Chazz Salkin (DE)
C: Greg Butts (AR)

NE: Chazz Salkin (DE)
NW: Arnie Olsen (MT)
SW: Laurie Matthews (CO)
NW: Bob Meinen (OR)

C: Mike Carrier (IA)
NC: Sue Black (WI)
SE: Charles Harrison (SC)
NC: Dan West (OH)
C: Jerry Hover (KS)

NE: Todd Frederick (MA)
NW: Jim Stratton (AK)
SW: Wayne Perock (NV)
NC: Dan West (OH)
C: John Ressmeyer (OK)
NW: Doug Hofer (SD)

NE: Roger Fickes (PA)
NW: Doug Hofer (SD)
NC: Dan West (OH)
SW: Lyle Laverty (CO)
SE: Joe Elton (VA)
C: Dwight Landreneau (LA)

C: Greg Butts (AR)

NC: Dan West (OH)
SW: Lyle Laverty (CO)
NE: Priscilla Geigis (MA)
NW: Doug Prchal (ND)
SE: Joe Elton (VA)
C: Walt Dabney (TX)
SW: Dave Simon (NM)

SE: Lewis Ledford (NC)
C: Roger Kuhn (NE)
NC: Dan West (OH)
SW: Dave Simon (NM)
NE: Priscilla Geigis (MA)
NW: Doug Prchal (ND)

NE: John Norbeck (PA)
SE: Lewis Ledford (NC)
NC: Courtland Nelson (MN)
C: Roger Kuhn (NE)
NW: Doug Prchal (ND)
SW: Dave Simon (NM)

* The Constitution was amended in 2002 to change the terms of at-large board members to two years.;The amendment took effect with the 2003 elections for the terms beginning in 2004.;Two members were elected for three-year terms in order to make the transition from four-year terms to two-year terms.

**The Constitution was amended at the 2004 Annual Conference to change the terms of at-large board members from two years to three years.;This change was effective with the 2005 elections for the terms beginning in 2006.

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