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  April 28, 2015  


Best Practices   

Best Practice (best prak’ tis) – A service, product or innovation that has worked well for a particular park, in their experience, that other parks may benefit from. It is not necessarily the best way of doing business, just a good way that is effective at solving a problem. An option. Best practices are: 

  1. a new and exciting way to carry out your professional duties
  2. a way to save money, time, effort or anything of value
  3. a particular study or research project that your state has conducted which might be of interest to other states.

It is an effort to network our best ideas and share to all those internal customers who can benefit from them. Best practices are those things that you do in your everyday effort to save time, money or your sanity. Frequently, these best practices are directly linked to providing better service because they allow our limited staffs to spend their valuable time where it counts most – with the customer.

Some of these ideas will work anywhere. Others have very specific application. You’re encouraged to look below the surface and find the reasons that spawned these ideas. Surely you have found ways to create your own best practices where you are. Add these to your list.

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