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  April 27, 2015  
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School Time T.E.N.T. Adventure

Schools teach an abundance of science topics will little direct contact with, or context within, the natural world. This program provides that context and makes direct connections between the strands, frameworks and benchmarks being taught and the amazing natural world just outside, in a nearby state park. The T.E.N.T (Traveling Education Nature Trailer) Adventure is an overnight/weekend program that allows students to experience and prove that classroom lessons are true. The program also encourages students to make important connections with their environment while creating life-long curiosity for the natural world. Classrooms get the opportunity to experience a night outdoors while also attending several mini-programs on lessons the teacher has taught in class. The mini-programs are chosen by the teacher to match classroom lessons and may include water quality studies, map and compass, geocaching, fishing, hiking, and campfire cooking, geology, forest resources, native plants, natural communities, and more. The park supplies all gear and program materials as well as trained interpretive staff to help the teacher create a true outdoor adventure for the class.

Many children in the program have never been to Pinnacle Mountain State Park, or any state park, and have never stayed outdoors overnight - it's a true enlightening experience. Students are able to feel more comfortable in natural surroundings. Teachers are able to apply lessons to real world problems. Students are able to make important connections with their environment. All make important memories as they increase in skill and confidence in the outdoor setting.


Kristina Root, Park Interpreter 501-868-5806

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