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  April 1, 2015  
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Employee Satisfaction Survey

Consistent with the strategy of increasing employee satisfaction outlined in the Ohio State Parks strategic plan, Ohio State Parks contracted with the Leadership Factor, a global research company specializing in satisfaction and loyalty measurement, to establish a baseline for employee satisfaction. An employee satisfaction survey was developed to gauge employees’ satisfaction with, and the relative importance of, various workplace dynamics, contemporary issues and challenges.

The surveys were distributed to all full-time to intermittent employees in July, and collected in August through a process designed to maintain confidentiality. The Leadership Factor received 1,080 surveys out of a potential 1,397 employees, representing a 77.3 percent response rate. The primary finding was that Ohio State Parks ranks in the top five percent of companies and organizations in the Leadership Factor’s worldwide database, with an overall employee satisfaction index of 77.8 percent. The final report also identified four “Priorities for Improvement” as a means to increase employee satisfaction. The priorities for improvement included the following statements that employees ranked high in importance, and relatively low in satisfaction: “Ohio State Parks values its employees,” “I feel recognized for work well done,” “Employees receive equal (consistent) treatment from management,” and “Ohio State Parks is financially secure for the long term.”

An employee satisfaction survey team was formed to analyze the survey results, recommend strategies for the priorities for improvement, and develop a presentation to convey this information to employees.


Patrick Enright
Labor Relations/Training Manager
Ohio State Parks

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