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  April 21, 2015  
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Point of Sale (POS)

For the first time in the history of the Ohio State Parks, the new point of sale (POS) system brought every state operated retail facility under one accounting and inventory management system. Implementation of the pro­gram entailed the installation of more than 300 computers/cash registers with satellite link-ups at nearly 100 individual park retail locations.

Ohio State Parks’ POS system has revolutionized the way state park campgrounds and retail facilities do business, which has changed very little since the park system was first established in 1949. The POS system that accompanies our centralized reservation system has brought a new level of accounting and accountability to the varied and widespread assortment of retail outlets in the parks.

The POS, provided by InfoSpherix, includes all the benefits and security of a centralized database while still allowing flexibility at the field level.


John Hunter, Assistant Chief, Ohio State Parks

David Detar, InfoSpherix Incorporated, 301-722-9108

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